From The Director's Desk

Dear All,

My life had already been a tough journey before I even reached my aim of making VPG Stores London, but my experience says that, had I not encountered so many hurdles and gotten hurt so many times, I would not have reached to the point of forming a 2.8 billion dollars enterprise.

I was a risk taker, but sometimes life is an even stricter teacher. I became a prey to many a people who abused my potential, talent and energies in wrong direction. I was young and a dreamer, but got caught up in false cases and arrested in 2005. I remained in jail for a period of 26 months against cases 64/05, 114/05, 67/05, 667/05, 668/05, 384/05, 447/05 & 447/05, but it seemed life had more lessons to teach me. I got married in 2012, and my in-laws ‘blessed’ me with five more cases.

Friends, I know I have a strange past, but it is this past that has given me the strength to become what I am today. There is a word called ‘Destiny’, and it has played its role in my life. It is destiny that has made me what I am today.

Friends, VPG has a brilliant idea and I am determined to open 1133 stores in India with a turnover of 2.8 billion dollars. My company may have disputes that are bound to happen, but there isn’t a single criminal case against VPG stores (P) Ltd.

I ask that you give me strength, and support my dream of making VPG an enterprise of 2.8 billion dollars.

I thank all my supporters and well wishers who have supported me up till now.

Warm Regards,
Abhishek Tyagi.