VPG Stores Suppliers

VPG Stores unique appeal is its wide product mix, specifically products from the choicest manufacturers and suppliers, some of them difficult to locate and find in India. Serving HNIs in India, we have extensive tie ups with thousands of suppliers in India and abroad. The suppliers range from exotic high end, exclusive products channelled only through select stores, to small scale producers and merchants, individual producers as well as multi-nationals. Our vendor development team works with suppliers globally to ensure that our product mix is the most diversified as well as select, with a special appeal for HNIs. We do not dilute our exclusivity with common, run of the mill products found in retail stores. Select suppliers of exclusive products also like this approach since this puts them in a distinctive category and helps them find exactly the type of buyers they want. While there is diversity, there is also exclusivity and a unique appeal because we handle “class” products. Our HNI customers know this because we offer the finest, the latest, the freshest and the best products at amazing prices.

Suppliers from all over the world are welcome to tie up with us. We serve as the easy conduit to a huge base of HNI customers in India looking for exclusive, select products conforming to their expectations, preferences and lifestyles. A tie up with us offers the benefit of easy entry, high sales and constant revenues. As part of its promotions, VPG stores is constantly engaged in marketing efforts and expansion of its outlets all over the Northern Belt to be followed by the rest of India.

We are flexible in approach and have attractive terms for tie ups with suppliers. Interested suppliers of any type of products that hold an appeal to the luxury segment as well as mid-range are welcome to approach us.