Chef on Call

Aimed at HNIs, VPG chef on call service promises one of the most exquisite culinary experiences. If you plan to host a party and would like to serve your guests with tempting, melt in the mouth exotic delicacies, subscribe to our VPG chef on call service. We have a roster of chefs with specialization in coming up with the best gourmet preparations in a variety of cuisines. Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Pan Asian, European, Oceania or any other type of foods can be cooked in a jiffy and presented in the most fabulous way to impress and keep your guests enchanted with tne magic of food. Our chef, along with a team, arrives at your doorstep, takes over your kitchen and whips up marvellous concoctions. Whether it is just a cocktail party or a full scale dinner, you will be highly pleased at the various offerings that our chef and his team can come up with in the most inventive and creative way to tickle your taste buds. Our chef on call service includes all elements of catering including the choicest and freshest ingredients as well as the cutlery and serving personnel according to your preferences. Next time you plan to celebrate, do it in style with chef on call service to create the highlight of the evening.