We strictly adhere to the food safety and quality standards. Quality is not just an element at VPG Store. It’s the way of life. We rigorously follow 4Cs in all processes and procedures to showcase our commitment for quality.

We care for our customers and mankind at large by selling only the food products that are certified as safe by competent authorities.
Customer Service
We leave no stone unturned to serve our members through a team of food handlers trained in food safety and best practices.
We are courageous enough to stand for the rights of our customers. No compromise is made on food safety.
Continuous Improvement
We are constantly evolving as per global standards. We have a dedicated food safety team which continuously works towards monitoring and improving the food safety standards.

High Five
Five Best Practices followed at VPG Stores
Be Clean, Be Healthy Keep it Cold, Keep it Hot Don’t Cross Contaminate Wash, Rinse & Sanitize Cook it & Chill it:
Utmost care is taken to ensure personal hygiene of very high standards by the food handlers through frequent hand wash, use of hand gloves, hair nets & other protective gear to preserve the wholesomeness of fresh food. Food items are preserved using state-of-the-art technology. All perishable food items are preserved to ensure high quality of food. A superior cold holding infrastructure at VPG stores preserves quality of fresh and frozen product assortment. We follow the science of food safety & quality and respect the religious sentiments of our members. Vegetarian products and non-vegetarian products like Meat & Fish are physically separated from each other. The best international practices for sanitation and hygiene are followed at VPG Stores. All food equipments are sanitized every four hours. A combination of science and care ensures providing an excellent shopping experience to the Members. The most modern scientific principles are used to cook and chill the products. Safety and quality of the food products are taken into consideration while cooking and chilling.