VPG Stores

VPG Stores Modern Retail is an innovative retail business format. It is empowered by Business-to-Business, cash and carry format that facilitates much convenience. More than 5000 products, across categories like Fresh (Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, Mutton, Fish), Dairy (Milk and Milk Products), Consumer Packaged Goods (Food and Non Food), General Merchandise and Household Electronics and Appliances are offered under one roof, at low, transparent prices to business Invitees. The focus is to meet the unique needs of every Invitee by offering relevant items at very competitive prices, ensuring consistent availability and convenience of the invitees.

It is the mission of VPG Stores to enable businesses to prosper satisfying the need of every single invitee. What’s more, VPG Stores organizes regular seminars to address specific needs of customers.

Salient Features:

Low and transparent pricing
Direct sourcing from manufacturers without any middleman
Amicable relationship with local and multinational suppliers
Efficient supply chain system
Low operational cost
All items under one roof
Pack sizes as per requirements of various invitee segments
Ability to develop customized product range
Consistent availability
Consistent Quality
Buy as much as you want, whenever you want and optimize your investments
Focused Assortment, based on target invitee needs
Strict adherences to quality standards
State-of-the-art storage facilities
Fresh stock by as per FIFO process
International food safety standards and practices
Convenient Working Hours
Store open 365 days as per working hours in different states.
Excellent invitee service
Free Parking
Neat and clean store
Fourteen computerized cash counters to facilitate faster billing
Credit, payment and delivery solutions
Efficient communication
Mailers, SMS to keep Invitees updated on promotions and special prices